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Ökologisch-Botanischer Garten

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Der Freundeskreis ÖBG e.V. Ökologisch-Botanischer Garten Uni Bayreuth

Friends of the Ecological-Botanical Garden

Become a member of Freundeskreis ÖBG e.V. and support us through your membership or actively - for example as a supervisor on Sundays and holidays.  ...more

Teaching and research in the ÖBG

The ÖBG offers scientists and students of the University of Bayreuth excellent conditions for teaching and research.  ...more

DISCOVER - EXPLAIN - CONSERVE: The Ecological-Botanical Garden (ÖBG) provides a unique botanical journey around the world in just a few hours. You can experience around 12,000 plant species here in naturally designed habitats. The ÖBG serves teaching and research purposes, the conservation of endangered plant and animal species, and the public for education and recreation.

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