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Ökologisch-Botanischer Garten

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Our leaflets highlight specific aspects of the garden and serve as a thematic introduction. You can download the leaflets as PDF or take them with you when you visit the ÖBG.

Ecological Botanical Garden – Basic information in English, Français, Español & CzechHide

The Ecological Botanical Garden in short. Map of the garden included! (PDF-Download, Acrobat Reader necessary)

Freundeskreis des Ökologisch-Botanischen Gartens e.V. (in German language)Hide

Our support association introduces itself. With membership form.



We have produced detailed brochures on various topics. These brochures are all in German language and can be purchased for 3 euros at the office and on Sundays and public holidays in the entrance hall of the greenhouses.

Broschüre über ÖBG

History, goals and tasks of the ÖBG as well as research and teaching at a glance. With short texts, detailed plans and a rich illustration we guide you through the departments of the garden. 36 pages DIN A5.

Steinreich – GesteinsführerHide
Broschüre über Gestein

This brochure gives an overview of the rocks in the ÖBG, their location and origin as well as their context in the geology of the Bayreuth area. 36 pages DIN A5.

Dem Klima auf der Spur – KlimaführerHide
Broschüre über Klima

Everything you always wanted to know about weather and climate is explained here in a clear and concise way. The regional climate in Upper Franconia is also referred to. During a walk through the ÖBG you will learn more about local climatic characteristics of the garden at 9 stations. 44 pages DIN A5.

Neophyten in unserer FloraHide
Broschüre über Neophyten

This brochure contains all the boards of the exhibition "Halb so wild - Neophytes in our Flora", which was shown at the ÖBG in summer 2004. 44 pages DIN A5.

Kakao und SchokoladeHide
Broschüre über Kakao

This brochure contains all the bars of the exhibition "Food of the Gods: Cocoa and Chocolate", which was on display from November 2006 to March 2007. 56 pages DIN A5.

Tierisch viel los!Hide
Broschüre über Tiere

Accompanying the exhibition of the same name, the brochure presents important and partly endangered species of animals that are at home in the Ecological-Botanical Garden. A variety of invertebrate animals are presented, such as snails, moths and bees. But also amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals are not neglected. Particular attention is paid to the relationship between animals and plants. 45 pages DIN A5.

Biodiversität und Artenschutz im GartenHide
Broschüre über Biodiversität

The Ecological-Botanical Garden and the government of Upper Franconia, together with nature conservation associations and scientists, have conceived an exhibition that shows the importance of gardens and especially the botanical garden for the protection of biodiversity and the preservation of endangered plant and animal species, as well as providing practical tips and advice on how everyone can increase diversity in their own garden at home. The exhibition has been designated an official UN project.

Moose im ÖBGHide

The students Thomas Pickel and Simon Streit, together with Eduard Hertel, the old master of cryptogamy in Bayreuth, have voluntarily produced a 109-page brochure on moss flora in the ÖBG. They were able to identify 125 (!) moss species in the garden, many of which are rare and endangered in natural habitats.

An impressive example of how gardens can contribute to the protection and preservation of biodiversity. 40 of the species are presented in detail and well illustrated in the booklet.

The brochure is available at the ÖBG for 7€.

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